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Colour - White

Grape - Muscat, Ugni Blanc, Colombard

Where - Languedoc, France

What - Hello and welcome to your new wine essential. Wolf's Own is our new venture that aims to bring banging table wine in eco-friendly packaging. Without wanting to gush, it's a proper privilege to team up with Christophe Muret to offer these epic juices in box form. We've been slapping our name all over the boxes and they're ready to be released into the thirsty world. 


The white option is a fresh and fruity wine that comes splashing out of the box with intense floral and stone fruit notes. As with all of Wolf's Own Table Wine, it's designed to be drank, hard and fast. Whack this down on the table, open it up at a BBQ or dish it out at a party and it'll soon vanish. You can count on this box as a crowd-pleaser.


Fresh, zippy, fruity. Vegan. Low sulfite. Sustainable viticulture. 5L. ABV 12%. 

WOLF'S OWN Boxed Table Wine White

SKU: 80005