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Grape - Carignan

Where - Languedoc, France

What - This is a very limited little red indeed. Domaine Mamurata is a family estate headed up by natural winemaking legend Marc Castan. Mark took over the estate in 2009. Since taking the reign he has parted from the local coop and now grows vines as naturally as possible. This includes encouraging biodiversity, abolishing sprays and introducing a herd of cows to control overgrowth and develop the soil. The fruit is harvest by hand, pressed and naturally fermented in stainless steel before overwintering in old oak. No added sulphite.


The french call this style of red 'Glou glou'. Named after the sound it makes as it disappears down your throat. It is ultra light in style and juicy with notes of sour cherry, strawberry, herbs and almonds. Best to serve slightly chilled.


Crunchy, Juicy, Sulphur Free. Biodynamic. Vegan. 12.5% ABV

Mamurata Kezako 2020