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Grape - Garganega

Where - Veneto, Italy

What - We didn't come up with the name! Garg N Go is the flagship sparkling wine from La Bianciara. A third generation family estate that has been spearheading ecologically focused winemaking in Italy since the mid 80's. Angiolino Maule and his sons Francesco and Alessandro run  things today; planting native varieties, treating the soil with plant based compost, using non chemical products to control pests and disease and keeping the winemaking as natural as possible.


Garganega is harvested by hand, pressed and naturally vinified in tanks before bottling to finish its ferment. The result is a hazy zesty little sparkler bursting with notes of apricot, lime, herbs and jasmine.


Sparkling, summer, zesty. Organic. Low intervention. Vegan 11% ABV

Garg N Go Petnat