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Grape - Grenache, Syrah 

Where - Southern Rhône

What - Xavier Vignon works all around the Rhône Valley searching for high-quality grapes to make his French shelf staples. Every vintage, he delights wine judges and drinkers alike with his easygoing table wines.


The Grenache and Syrah grapes for this VDF were harvested from the chalky clay soil vineyards growing in the sunny, dry Mediterranean climate. They're fermented in stainless steel before a period of cellar ageing. Xavier only releases his wine for sale when it's absolutely ready (generally 2-3 years). The result is all about the red fruit and spice. Delicious floral notes follow to add a tasty layer of complexity.  For us, it offers instant enjoyment and would be perfect for a party or get-together - every red wine drinker will love this Southern-style juice!


Fruity, fresh, floral. Vegan. ABV 13.%

Le Petit Xavier Rouge Vin De France

SKU: 10017