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Grape - 100% Sauvignon

Where - Sonoma Mountain, California

What - Is this the ultimate natural orange wine? We think so, but you should probably decide for yourselves, 


Everything was going perfectly on the lead up to harvest time. Short showers proved perfect for a bountiful year, whilst a steady warmth meant they could harvest the grapes early, which turned out to be one of their best crops yet. 


They decided to ferment in three separate batches, but encountered a very strange problem - one batch began to grow a layer of mold. Disaster. Well, you'd think! This actually turned out to be a great thing, with the winemakers using their own legs to stir the problem out of existence one the molds had been removed. They held their breath and then one day, boom, perfect wine! 


What started out as a huge hiccup turned into one of their most successful vintages yet. 


This 100% skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc is dry, complex and subtle. In other words, absolutely perfect! It's intensely peachy and rich with fresh stone-fruit flavours. It's unlike any Sauvignon you'll ever try. 


Nutty, tropical, rich. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. ABV 13%. 



Scholium Project The Prince in His Caves 2017