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Grape - Hondarrabi Zuri

Where - Basque County, Spain

What - It's just one of the best feelings when a wine comes along that just ticks every box. The Tantaka absolutely does this, giving total uniqueness, drinkability and artisan vibes all over. It gives a sort of nod towards Loire Valley Chenin Blanc; crisp, integrated acidity and rich, full body. Juand Jo is the exceptional winemaker behind the juice and the accuracy of his craft really shines through. What we have here is a wine that comes from pure joy and a real respect for nature. 


There's really great potential for ageing with this bottle of natural white. It was preserved on its lees for exactly five months which gives the texture more volume whilst digging the high acidity deep into the wine for a balanced outcome. 


It's crystal clear and very aromatic. You really notice the minerality coming through on the nose, especially granite and racy, fresh herbs. The mouthfeel has a touch of oil reminiscent of the best Rieslings, with notes of honey blossom, honey, Granny Smith apples and underripe pear. 


Racy, delicious, rare. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. ABV 13%. 

Tantaka Juanjo Tellaetxe 2019

SKU: 20022