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Grape - Pineau D'Aunis

Where - Touraine, Loire Valley, France

What - Vincent Roussely has to be one of our all time favourite producers working the soils on the banks of the Loire today. His slight of hand vinification and his appreciation for his vines shines through. Today his small family-run estate is worked without and chemicals and machinery. In the spring months he uses horses to till the soils so to avoid compaction. 


The Irreductible is crafted from handharvested Pineau D'Aunis; an old regional variety (think Gamay meets Cab Franc). The fruit is gently fermented partially in wholebunches before being aged in stainless steel. Minimal sulphur.


Cherry. Tobacco. Cedar. Organic. Low Intervention. Vegan. 13% ABV

Vincent Roussely Irreductible




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