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Colour - Red

Grape - Syrah, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon

Where - Languedoc, France

What - Boxed wine by Christoph Muret. Our prayers to the universe have been answered. Muret was once exported a huge amount of melons to the UK, but made a career switch to viticulture to pursue a new passion. Now, he's known for banging Syrah and blends that balance refinement with crushability. We're super excited to have the opportunity to slap our names onto his wine. 


These 5L boxes are designed for, well, drinking. Whack one of these down on the table and it'll soon be gulped down by thirsty friends and family. It's the ideal wine for gatherings, parties and BBQs - the kind of juice you can count on everyone to love. The red option is a well juicy, proper fruit bomb. 


Juicy, fruity, fresh. Low sulfite. Vegan. Sustainable viticulture. ABV 13.%. 


WOLF'S OWN Boxed Table Wine Red

SKU: 80006